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Mar 28, 2013 | No Responses

Shoveling snow for 2 hours is not my idea of fun.  To cope with the winter wonderland I spent many hours daydreaming of the salty sea air, the white sand between my toes, and the laid back vibe of Mexico.  Whenever House Hunters International takes their viewers to Mexico I record, and share with those willing to watch.  I want everyone to see, and experience Mexico as I have.  Mexico is not just all inclusive resorts, and the Hotel Zone.  No, it is so much more.

This personal connection to Cancun is what sets Cheap Cancun Rentals apart from any other online rental agency.  We invest time into this site because we have a genuine appreciation for the country.  If your perception of Mexico is based purely on media then you have no idea what it’s all about.  We’re here to crush the misconceptions, and encourage people to experience the true Mexican culture.

Our target market isn’t one specific person.  It’s for anyone who wants to travel to Mexico, be it 1 week, 1 month, or 1 year.  The listings we provide range in price, type of accommodation, and amenities offered.  We have properties that are local in the centre, as well as vacation properties closer to the sea.  And if you’re not sure what you want, or where you want to live send us an email.  We are more than willing to help you out, even if you just have a few questions.

Our goal is to not only provide rental listings, but to open up the lines of communication.  This site goes beyond the rentals.  If you have comments, please feel free to start the dialogue.  If you have a story to share, let us know we’ll post it on the site.  It’s this collective sharing of knowledge that is at the root of Cheap Cancun Rentals.

Author: Janelle Brandon

As our dedicated travel writer, Janelle scours Cancun and the Riviera Maya for all the cool things to do around here. From working and living to getting around, and, of course, the best beaches (she loves her sun and sand). Janelle lets you know how it is. As our Chief Operations Officer she makes sure we are not skipping out on work to laze on the beach (although sometimes she joins us). She's a pleasure to have around and always making us laugh with her crazy stories.

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