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Avenida Bonampak in Cancun

Mar 3, 2012 | No Responses

Bonampak.  This is where you can find the crème de la crème of Cancun.  This stretch of road marks the 1km mark of the Hotel Zone, and has a pristine manicured landscape… just like the Hotel Zone.  New condos are springing up fast, so the population within this small area will multiply quickly in the next year.

Simona & Cirilo, a quaint boutique I have been following on the internet for a few months now, is what lured me to this area.  Today was the day to track it down.  I will write an entire post dedicated to this little gem, but today it’s about Bonampak.  From my house it’s about a 20 minute walk, so (in my opinion) is very close.  Walking is the only way to do things in this city!  Instead of cutting straight down the middle (the logical choice) I decide to hang a right, so my tour starts at the beginning, at Kulkukan (the road that goes to the Hotel Zone) and Bonampak… this is the 1km mark.  This adds another 10 minutes to the journey, but hey, when you live in paradise how could it be a problem.

At first I see nothing special, but gauging from the construction and superstore Wal-Mart on my right it’s an area with big plans for development.  There is even a beautifully constructed Starbucks with drive thru near completion.  Bonampak is a busy artery for Cancun, so it’s only logical for this type of blueprint to manifest.  There are only a few boutiques with the odd hair high-end salon dispersed in between, but the well maintained mediums prove this is for the elite.

As I make my way across I have to say I am a bit disappointed.  I don’t know, I guess I thought I had finally been slapped with some major fashion inspiration, but sadly Simona was it.  Oh, but there was a mini-school catering to all things artsy; graphic design, fashion design…   Next time I will inquiry what that’s all about because surely this is something new to Cancun.

After only ten minutes of walking I pass a BMW dealership (oh to dream), and in the near distance my eyes catch sight of that famous logo known to all around the world, Starbucks.  Ha, of course.  Across from the Starbucks is the slew of high-rise buildings on their way to completion.  Massive stone columns welcome you at the entrance leading the way to a community of about 4 buildings.

So that’s Bonampak in a nutshell.  Yes it’s pretty, but not really my kind of living.  I need quaint, quiet quarters.  I wasn’t a fan of condo central in downtown Toronto, so it’s really no different no matter what city I’m in.  Yep, I’d prefer my little house, with a yard in a sweet neighbourhood.

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Author: Janelle Brandon

As our dedicated travel writer, Janelle scours Cancun and the Riviera Maya for all the cool things to do around here. From working and living to getting around, and, of course, the best beaches (she loves her sun and sand). Janelle lets you know how it is. As our Chief Operations Officer she makes sure we are not skipping out on work to laze on the beach (although sometimes she joins us). She's a pleasure to have around and always making us laugh with her crazy stories.

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