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Taxis in Cancun

Jun 27, 2011 | No Responses

Taxi drivers in Cancun have this incredible innate quality of maneuvering through the chaos of downtown Cancun, expertly avoiding accidents and pedestrian mishaps. There are no distinguishable lane separations in the downtown area, so cars weave in and out of each other at record fast speeds.  The talent of these taxi drivers is quite amazing.

Cabs are green and white and you can flag them down just as you would in any major city. To make themselves known, attempting to catch your attention, they may honk or flash their lights at you as the competition is quite fierce in the city. They are everywhere!

Most drivers do not speak English (or very little) so if your Spanish is lacking your best bet is to have the destination written on a piece of paper. Anywhere in El Centro will cost you 23 pesos no more, no less, but if you’re planning on a destination outside of this area prices will vary, so I suggest you negotiate before you get on your way. If you pick up a taxi at one of the designated areas, say at Plaza Las Americas, you will probably get charged a bit more so keep that in mind.

Drivers can also be extremely helpful and, for the most part, very polite. If you inquire of food or shopping locations they will happily suggest restaurants and good shopping areas. Pesos are the preferred currency to pay so it’s best to have some before you flag one down.

Of course, it is always cheaper to take the bus but for convenience it’s sometimes nice to just hop in a cab.

Author: Janelle Brandon

As our dedicated travel writer, Janelle scours Cancun and the Riviera Maya for all the cool things to do around here. From working and living to getting around, and, of course, the best beaches (she loves her sun and sand). Janelle lets you know how it is. As our Chief Operations Officer she makes sure we are not skipping out on work to laze on the beach (although sometimes she joins us). She's a pleasure to have around and always making us laugh with her crazy stories.

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