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Working as a Social Media Manager

Jan 12, 2012 | No Responses

Social media management is one of the newest jobs to emerge from the global Internet era. And unlike many other professions that have a base rooted somewhere in the four to eight years of college most people are expected to have in order to get a job in the world, social media management is so new it doesn’t even have a degree program behind it. Yet despite this, the average social media manager, or SMM, is making between $35k and $55k  per year according to Business Insider, and the need for qualified SMMs is only continuing to grow as more and more companies begin moving their marketing campaigns out of the print- and media-based industries and into the online marketplace.

Perhaps one of the most lucrative concepts behind starting a career as a SMM is that you don’t even need a computer to do the job. These days, with Blackberries, iPhones, iPads and other forms of portable devices allowing global access to the Internet, you can manage an online career without ever even touching a laptop or physical computer. This makes the job of social media management fairly flexible in terms of how much overhead you need to get started. And because you can do the job from anywhere in the world as long as you have an Internet connection, Cancun is the perfect place to start.

The root of social media management is quite simple. In essence, you are managing the social media campaigns for businesses. In layman’s terms, you are managing their online presence for them. While companies of the past would pay advertising companies to run ad campaigns in magazines, on television or in newspapers, the evolution of the industry has pushed those ad campaigns online to LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Stumble and other social media pages. Your job as a SMM is to manage the social media presence of a company, which means making posts and staying connected with the clients of the company or the potential customers.

As more and more social media outlets emerge, there are also sites such as OnlyWire which allow a SMM to instantly update all of the major social media outlets with a single keystroke. This effectively allows you to make a small update for whichever company you are representing and blast it to all of the social media networks at once. But being a good SMM is more than just updating the social network feeds with daily posts and messages. It is also about communicating with the customers and actually interacting with them, at least if you are on the payroll as a full-time SMM for a given company.

There are two ways to handle being a SMM. The first is to freelance and take on several clients at a time. Most SMMs are getting upwards of $600 to $1000 per month, per client, and your hourly commitments depend on how proficient you are at handling the social media aspects of a business. Most  companies are looking for someone to handle the social media blasts, while the customer interaction is still in the hands of the company representatives themselves, so while you might be getting paid to update the social media networks and make posts about topics, products and otherwise, the interaction is still done through the company’s end.

The other way is to become a SMM for a company and get on the payroll. In this case, you are not only managing the updates for the company, but you are also in charge of the customer interaction. This is offset by the fact that you are making either a salary or an hourly rate based upon your level of expertise at generating sales and keeping the company’s profile high on the social media networks.

In either case, becoming a social media manager doesn’t require that you have a brick-and-mortar office, which means you can easily work beach-side while sipping mojitos and relaxing with your toes in the sands of Cancun’s many beaches. All you need is a connection to the Internet, the ability to communicate with people and a desire to spread your social wings and soar along the digital wavelengths of the social media networks.

Work as a Social Media Manager

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Author: T.W. Anderson

T.W. Anderson is a location independent digital nomad who has been traveling since 1999 and living abroad in foreign destinations since January of 2008. Along with writing services offered through Complete Writing Solutions, he specializes in teaching people how to live like a local in cities and countries around the world via Marginal Boundaries

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